Too little too late

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Too little too late

Post by Systemsguy » Sat May 07, 2022 2:43 pm

Glad to see we won our last match especially for the hardy few who travelled to Wales with nothing riding on the match for either team but pride....

However managers (and players) come and go.....

Some leave a lasting impression and will be forever R's (although the club has occasionally seemingly scraped the barrel trying to get a half time guest).

Farewell Mark.... A decent man and manager asked to do an uneviable job of balancing the books while delivering good football for the fans...

You deserve to be brought back sometime in the near future as an inductee to the forever R's but wouldn't begrudge you telling the management where to shove the invitation where the sun don't shine....

Gosh the QPR mejah team are going to earn their money this summer...

2022/2023.... Keep Calm, no matter the season, we'll follow our team.....


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